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Avian Influenza Attacks Banyuwangi and Lamongan

Monday, 28 March 2016

Surabaya – Two districts in East Java, Banyuwangi and Lamongan, were attacked by Avian Influenza (AI). Head of East Java Province Livestock Services, Maskur, said in early 2016 local ducks and chickens in Banyuwangi were attacked by AI, meanwhile AI in Lamongan mainly affected farm chicken breeds.

“There are AI outbreaks in Lamongan and Banyuwangi in 2016. In Banyuwangi the birds affected were mostly ducks and chickens, meanwhile in Lamongan the disease attacked layer chickens,” said Maskur on Monday (28/3/2016).

Maskur said the population of poultry in East Java reaches 250 million birds and is spread in all 38 districts/municipalities. From the 2 districts affected by AI this year, a total of 7 thousand birds were at risk. Meanwhile 1,600 birds were infected.

“A total of 1,600 birds have died and their carcasses secured. According to standard operating procedures for AI, the birds were buried etc.,” said Maskur.

Meanwhile, the rest are under constant supervision, marketing and trading in and out of the area is prohibited.

“Even farmers have voluntarily culled their birds to prevent the disease from spreading to other areas,” added Maskur.

Chickens and ducks are poultry species with high susceptibility to Avian Influenza. The virus attacks sector 4 farms, which are backyard farms with free-ranging birds, and sector 3 farms, which are commercial farms but still small-scale. (Anick)


Source: Redaksi Kota 


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Avian Influenza Attacks Banyuwangi and Lamongan

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