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Two People Died from Rabies in Nias

Medan - Until mid February 2011, two human fatalities from rabies have been recorded in Nias Island, North Sumatra. The victims were from Gunungsitoli city and Nias Utara.
Another two rabies patients from Nias Utara are currently under treatment in Gunungsitoli Regional Hospital. One patient, Gulö (35), is a dog food vendor whose hand was bitten by a dog last year. “Another patient is on his/her way from Nias Utara,” said Head of Gunungsitoli Regional Hospital, Adieli Zega, Tuesday (22/2).

Since rabies outbreak was declared in Gunungsitoli city last year, Gunungsitoli Regional Hospital has vaccinated over 1000 people. A total of 27 people were reported dead in 2010. Before 2010, Nias Island was free from rabies.
In detail, 20 fatalities occurred in Gunungsitoli city, 1 fatality in Nias Barat, 5 fatalities in Nias Utara, and 1 fatality in Nias Selatan. Until February 2011 there have been 1,154 bite cases in Nias Island.
“Several victims that died from rabies were people who dismissed the possibility of disease because the bite wound was small,” said Head of the Education and Disease Control and Eradication Section of the Health Service Office of North Sumatra, Sukarni.
“We have distributed letters to all regions to look out for rabies and establish rabies centers. This way there will be regional budget allocated for rabies management. We have also conducted cross-sector coordination,” she said. (WSI)

Source : Kompas