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Avian Influenza Suspected, Samples Collected from Tens of Birds

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sidoarjo – Avian Influenza (AI), also known as H5N1 Avian Influenza, is suspected to have emerged in Sidoarjo. This notion developed after officers from the Agricultural, Livestock and Plantation Services of Sidoarjo District and Wates Disease Investigation Center in Yogyakarta visited a poultry farm owned by Fajar Santoso (52) in Penambangan Village, Balongbendo Subdistrict, on Tuesday (5/4).

For the last month, 55 ducks owned by Fajar were found dead. Before their death, ducks suffered from paralysis, twisted heads, and blue discoloration in their eyes.

“We can’t predict it anymore. Usually with AI their eyes turn blue. But before they die, their heads twisted around. Not like as usual. That’s why I reported to local livestock services so it could be clarified,” said Fajar Santoso.

On site the team from Wates Disease Investigation Center in Yogyakarta and Agricultural, Livestock and Plantation Services collected several samples, from blood, throat mucus and feces for laboratory testing.

“Usually we work using rapid tests. But now we are collaborating with the Disease Investigation Center to conduct more intensive examination so the results could be more valid,” said Dr. Bambang Erwanto, Head of Livestock Division from Sidoarjo District Agricultural, Livestock and Plantation Services.

Bambang added there was an AI outbreak in Krian last year, hence the office responded with depopulation and mandatory culling.

Additionally, disinfectant was sprayed in places where poultry traffic was high and vaccination given in areas with high poultry population.

“We always remind farmers not to allow free human traffic into chicken pens unless biosecurity is maintained. For example, before entering a chicken pen area, a person must wash their hands with disinfectants, use shoes, and wash their clothes again before meeting their family at home,” said Bambang. (kbs/udi)


Source: Berita Metro

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