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Dozens of Local Chickens in Bakauheni Suddenly Dead, AI Suspected

Friday, 13 November 2015

Bakauheni - Dozens of chicken in Bakauheni, South Lampung District suddenly died in the past week. Clinical signs include blue discoloration of the comb, similar to signs of bird flu (Avian Influenza).

The incident occurred quickly, shocking Untung Emanu (42), a resident of Siring Itik Hamlet, Bakauheni. Apparently South Lampung District’s AI free status in 2015 is untrue.

“I did not expect to find AI outbreaks in the Bakauheni. The proof is within 3 days, 30 of my Bangkok chickens died with bluish combs. There is also discharge coming out of the chickens’ nose. These symptoms are like AI,” Untung said to Lampung Post on Friday (13/11/2015).

Because of the clinical signs looked like bird flu, Untung burned and buried the chicken carcasses. He said he did not pay too much attention to the death of his chickens. However, the next day more and more chickens died, adding up to 30 birds. Each bird is priced at more than 200 thousand rupiah and they all died with the same symptoms.

He claimed a loss of about Rp 7 million due to the incident. Besides Untung, chickens owned by Limbong (39), a resident of Kenyayan Hamlet, Bakauheni also experienced a similar incident.

Outbreaks of chicken died-off in Bakauheni village in the last week spurred Untung Emanu to report the incident to South Lampung Livestock and Animal Health Services. However, he was disappointed because the officers from the service office only distributed a few bottles of AI medicine to Bakauheni Village Hall.

“We hoped officers will conduct preventive measures and [disinfectant] spraying in environments exposed to AI, not us scrambling to claim medicine bottles deposited at the village hall,” he said. Meanwhile, Limbong hoped officers South Lampung Livestock and Animal Health Services will soon check on affected sites. Because, residents are worried that the outbreaks causing widespread poultry deaths is bird flu.

“The medicine should not just be dropped off at the village. Bakauheni is the gateway between the islands of Sumatra and Java. If there is bird flu in Bakauheni, it should be a concern to the South Lampung Livestock and Animal Health Services since poultry traffic between islands pass through Bakauheni, “Limbong said.

Contacted separately, Head of South Lampung Livestock and Animal Health Services, Agung Kusmartuti, said a PDSR team (Participatory Disease Surveillance Response) will conduct rapid tests on dead chickens to confirm the cause of death.

“We’ll do rapids test to ascertain whether the chickens died from Avian Influenza (AI) or not,” Agung Kusmartuti said. Additionally, they will spray chicken cages with disinfect to prevent further spread.

“I also ask poultry owners to maintain the cleanliness of their cages and spray diligently with disinfectants,” said Agung. (Aan Kridolaksono/Isnovan)

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Dozens of Local Chickens in Bakauheni Suddenly Dead, AI Suspected

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