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Brucellosis Risk to East Kalimantan

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Samarinda – The import of livestock for Eid al-Adha in Samarinda should be taken with caution. One risk is the introduction of a bacterial disease called Brucellosis. This is because most cattle and goats/sheep imported to Samarinda come from Brucellosis endemic areas, such as East Nusa Tenggara, South Sulawesi, and West Sulawesi.

“Brucellosis is a disease which causes abortion in animals,” said Dr. Ozy FAchrurrozie, a quarantine officer at Agriculture Quarantine Station Class I Samarinda on Tuesday (15/9).

This disease not only spreads between animals, said Ozy, but could be transmitted to humans. That is why the quarantine station is conducting layered examinations on animals sent from other areas to prevent Brucellosis from spreading to East Kalimantan.

“After going through quarantine procedures in their area of origin, once the animals reach here we re-examine their health. The purpose is to determine whether any animal is sick or not,” said Ozy.

This layered procedure is taken because Brucellosis could go undetected during previous quarantine examination in its area of origin. Because, said Ozy, sometimes the disease could only be diagnosed when the animal is in a certain condition.

“Recently we detected an animal with Brucellosis. Based on data from the quarantine station at its area of origin, all animals sent were healthy. However, when we reexamined the animals, we found Brucellosis,” he explained.

To prevent the disease from spreading, the quarantine station ordered the animal to be slaughtered by its owner. There are only certain parts of the animal that can transmit the disease. “Such as the digestive tract and its testicles. There is no problem with consuming the meat,” he explained.

So far East Kalimantan is still free from Brucellosis. Regardless, efforts should be taken to prevent the disease from entering. Because, Ozy said, not only is Brucellosis a health hazard, it is an economic burden for farmers.

“Until today, West Kalimantan and Samarinda in particular is free from Brucellosis. That’s why we conduct the Rose Bengal Test on every animal coming into Samarinda,” he said. (aya/nin)

Source: Samarinda Pos

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Brucellosis Risk to East Kalimantan

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