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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Disease Kills Thousands of Chickens in Sukabumi

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sukabumi –Hj. Winda Sri Rahayu, DVM, Head of Veterinary Public Health Division of Sukabumi District Livestock Services reports chicken mortality is at an all time high due to drastic changes in weather and poor management practices, including vaccination.

“Because of that, recent changes in weather has caused the sudden death of thousands of chickens owned by residents in Sukabumi District. The chickens generally died from Newcastle Disease (ND),” said dr. Winda in her office on Thursday (12/3/2015).

Winda said chicken mortality due to ND almost always increases this time of year when the season changes between rainy and dry. Chicken death is reported sporadically from all over the district. Infected chickens typically could not be saved.

“Chickens suffering from ND always die. Mortality counts could sometimes reach tens of thousands of birds,” she said. So far reports of ND related chicken mortality have come in from Surade, Ciracap, Cibitung, Gegerbitung, Purabaya, Sagaranten, Cikembar, Tegalbuleud, Cidolog, and Curug Kembar subdistricts. There are also other subdistricts known to be ND endemic areas.

“Actually there could be ND related chicken mortalities in other subdistricts in the southern part of Sukabumi District , but the incidences have yet been reported to officers in the field,” she said. (Ahmad Junaedi)


Source: Gala Media News


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Disease Kills Thousands of Chickens in Sukabumi

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