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Rabies Alert in Kota Baru in Jambi

Saturday, 28 February 2015

JAMBI –Kota Baru Subdistrict in Jambi city currently has the most cases of rabies caused by host animals, dogs in particular. This statement was released by Head of Jambi City Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Services, Said Abu Bakar, yesterday (27/2) in his office.

In 2015, at least 14 rabies suspect bite cases were reported. Most cases were from Kota Baru Subdistrict. “From all bite cases, two were confirmed positive for rabies, four were rabies negative, and eight are still under observation,” said Said Abu Bakar.

Abu Bakar said they are still monitoring the development in Kota Baru Subdistrict, because since 2014 the number of cases in that subdistrict is high compared to other subdistricts in Jambi city. “Meanwhile two subdistricts that are case free so far are Pelayangan and Danau Teluk,” he said.

In 2014, there were 78 rabies suspect bite cases in the city. Laboratory results confirmed 19 dogs rabies positive.

The service office also culled 65 host animals in 2014. Meanwhile rabies vaccination had only been done in Bagan Pete administrative village in Kota Baru Subdistrict this year. So far the office has taken measures, such as public awareness, vaccination and dog culling, to reduce rabies suspect bite cases in Jambi city.

Abu Bakar explained that dogs should be vaccinated at least once a year. With vaccination, dogs and other host animals can be protected from rabies. On the other hand, Abu Bakar said residents in Jambi City now care about vaccinating dogs and many people now report suspected rabid bite cases. Rabies is not only transmitted through the bite and saliva of dogs, but animal scratches could also transmit the virus. “Not only bites, people even report scratches from animals now,” he said.

Regarding public awareness and reporting, the service office always collaborates with neighborhood unit leaders in Jambi city. If a case is reported by a neighborhood unit leader, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Services will immediately conduct vaccination and culling of host animals. Every dog involved in a rabies suspect bite case will be observed by the service office for 14 days. If the dog is rabies positive, then people who are bitten must receive a complete course of post-exposure treatment to prevent rabies.

Abu Bakar urges dog owners to prevent their dogs from roaming uncontrolled. Dogs should always be under the supervision of their owners. “All free roaming dogs will be culled, like it or not that is the consequence. We have already given public awareness,” he said. (iam)


Source: Jambi Independen

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Rabies Alert in Kota Baru in Jambi

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