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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Rabies Cases Rising in West Kalimantan, Outbreak Status Still Not Delcared

Thursday, 29 January 2015

PONTIANAK – Rabies in Ketapang and Melawi Districts is being scrutinized by West Kalimantan Provincial Government. Head of West Kalimantan Livestock and Animal Health Services, Abdul Manaf Mustafa, urges both districts to declare a rabies outbreak.

This is because the number of rabies cases resulting from dog bites continues to rise. “If the outbreak status has been declared, we can focus more on controlling the disease,” said Manaf (26/1/2015).

Manaf explained 54 people in Melawi were bitten by rabid dogs, 9 people died and 36 people were vaccinated. Meanwhile in Ketapang, 100 people were bitten, 9 people died and 55 people were vaccinated. “So there were 154 bite cases, 18 people died and only 91 people were vaccinated,” said Manaf.

Manaf said the central government is coordinating directly with Ketapang and Melawi to control the outbreak. “We hope the governments of both districts will quickly respond to this rabies issue. If they are too slow, the provincial government is ready to take over because we are ready to deal with this case,” he said.

Manaf said Military Command XII Tanjungpura is ready to facilitate rabies control in West and Central Kalimantan, as both provinces are in the work area of the base. “They are ready to help us deal with this rabies case,” he said.

Furthermore, the central government is ready to assist in the form of providing necessary facilities and infrastructure and the Ministry of Agriculture is ready to catch rabid dogs. “We hope rabies in West Kalimantan can be mitigated as quickly as possible,” said Manaf. (Sahirul Hakim/Ali Anshori | Ed: Mirna


Source: Tribun Pontianak

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