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Monday, 19 October 2020

CIVAS Celebrating World Rabies Day “Together Against Rabies” during Car Free Day in Lapangan Sempur, Bogor

Monday, 6 October 2014

By:  M.D. Winda Widyastuti

Rabies, a zoonotic disease, is still a threat to the people of Indonesia. Mitigation of this disease calls for active participation, not only from the government, but also the private sector, professional organizations, non-government organizations, universities, students and the public in general. This encouragement is not only sounded in Indonesia, but also worldwide, through the this year’s World Rabies Day theme “Together Against Rabies”. Center for Indonesian Veterinary Analytical Studies (CIVAS) in collaboration with the Indonesia Veterinary Medical Association (IVMA) West Java II Branch, Student Executive Body (BEM) of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Bogor Agricultural University (FKH-IPB), and Indonesian Veterinary Student Association (IMAKAHI) IPB Branch carried out a series of activities in Lapangan Sempur, Bogor, on Sunday, 19 October 2014, to celebrate World Rabies Day. This activity was supported by the Agriculture Service Office of Bogor city, Marine and Agriculture Service Office of DKI Jakarta Province, PT. Zoetis Indonesia, and PT. Tunas Daya Veterinaria.

Rabies mitigation and eradication efforts in Indonesia prioritize on prevention through increasing public participation in vaccination programs. These efforts are not only limited to endemic areas, but also to free regions bordering endemic areas, including Bogor city and district. The objective of this activity is to increase public awareness and understanding on rabies and encourage active participation in mitigation efforts in Indonesia through simple acts, such as vaccinating animals against rabies, better and responsible pet ownership, and improving personal hygiene and sanitation.

Activities conducted were long march, oration, theatrical act related to rabies, public awareness for adults and children, free animal health consultation, and on the spot and dissemination of vouchers for free rabies vaccination. The long march and oration (sympathy act), carried out by 60 students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bogor Agricultural University (FKH-IPB), started from Bogor Palace and ended at Lapangan Sempur. Students called out the need for awareness against rabies and the importance of prevention through vaccination and responsible pet ownership. Students also carried picket signs and handed out leaflets and stickers on rabies. The long march ended at Lapangan Sempur and was followed by oration and a theatrical act by Art Community “STERIL” from FKH-IPB.

Concurrent with the long march, oration and theatrical act, CIVAS gave public awareness to adults (flip-charts) and children (snake and ladder game). A free animal health consultation stand was also provided and facilitated by two veterinarians from IVMA West Java II Branch. Free rabies vaccination for local cats and dogs was provided through on site vaccination and dissemination vouchers. The vaccine was provided by the Agriculture Service Office of Bogor city (100 doses) and Marine and Agriculture Service Office of DKI Jakarta Province. The vouchers can be brought to 4 appointed animal clinics in Bogor city and district for free health check-up and rabies vaccination.

This activity attracted the interest of people on their morning walk and exercise in Lapangan Sempur, Bogor. Many passersby stopped to find out more about rabies. Discussion and Q&A were facilitated in all sessions of consultation, socialization and snake & ladder games. A total of 9 cats were vaccinated on the spot and 117 vouchers handed out. Hopefully other activities involving multiple stakeholders could be held again in the future to support rabies mitigation and eradication from Indonesia. ***

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CIVAS Celebrating World Rabies Day “Together Against Rabies” during Car Free Day in Lapangan Sempur, Bogor

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