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Brucellosis in cattle in Biak Numfor

Friday, 5 September 2014

Biak – The district government of Biak Numfor, Papua, found brucellosis in 3 cattle owned by local residents.

“Field observation by the animal health team of Service Office was confirmed by laboratory test results from Maros Disease Investigation Center in South Sulawesi. The 3 cattle had brucellosis infection,” said Head of the Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health Division of the Livestock and Crop Agriculture Service Office of Biak Numfor District, Rahmatullah, in Biak on Friday.

He said brucellosis is an animal disease of national importance because it economically affects farmers and is a threat to public health. It is caused by bacteria from the Brucella genus and can infect both animals and human. Increase in cattle population and movement of dairy cows in Indonesia contributes to a rise in brucellosis incidence.

“Brucellosis in cattle is a disease that must be prevented and eradicated. Affected animals should be culled,” said Rahmatullah.

Brucellosis in cattle is caused by Brucella abortus. The bacteria is spread through water or feed contaminated by fetal matter or fluids from infected animals.

In cattle and human, Brucellosis can cause infertility and late term abortion (pregnancy over 5 months).

Source : ANTARA News

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Brucellosis in cattle in Biak Numfor

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