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26 Chickens in Slogohimo Avian Influenza Positive

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

WONOGIRI–A total of 26 native chickens in Mojoduwur Hamlet, Klunggen Village, Slogohimo Subdistrict suddenly died on Monday (7/7/2014) last week. The chickens were confirmed positive for Avian Influenza (AI) virus.

The incident involved native chickens owned by residents in RT 002/RW 006, Mojoduwur Hamlet. Resident Proyono owned 20 of the chickens, Dwi owned 4 chickens and Yanti was the owner of 2 chickens.

Head of the Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, and Marine Service Office of Wonogiri, Rully Pramono Retno, said officers have arrived at the case site to prevent further spread of the disease to other birds and humans. Samples were collected from dead birds for rapid testing.

“Rapid tests came out positive for avian influenza. This is the 17th case of AI since January,” he said.

Meanwhile the carcasses of dead birds were immediately burned to prevent the disease from spreading to other birds. Officers also sprayed all bird pens owned by citizens with disinfectant. This measure was taken to kill any possible AI virus in the pens.

Concurrent with disinfectant spraying, officers also gave public awareness on symptoms of Avian Influenza in birds. “We urged residents to actively report any case of sudden poultry death to village officials,” he said.

Furthermore, Rully said that after the death of Ridho N.A. from Avian Influenza, the office has tightened control on poultry movement in and out of Wonogiri. Rapid testing is now required for birds transported through Adi Soemarmo Airport in Solo.

Wonogiri has been in AI outbreak status since May 2014. Consequently, poultry demand in Wonogiri has declined sharply. “As of now, 25 subdistricts in Wonogiri are AI endemic areas. Additionally, Avian Influenza has caused a human fatality.”

On the other side, resident of Wonoboyo Administrative Village, Wonogiri subdistrict, Sutarno, asked authorized agencies to increase public awareness programs on Avian Influenza mitigation. This is because people in rural areas do not understand about the dangers of Avian Influenza.

Source: Solopos.com

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26 Chickens in Slogohimo Avian Influenza Positive

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