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Rabid Dog Bites Child in Buleleng

Monday, 30 June 2014

SINGARAJA, Another dog bite incident occurred in Buleleng. This time Kadek Adi Wirawan (9) from Bulakan Banjar, Munduk Village, Banjar Subdistrict, was the victim. Kadek was bitten on his temple on Friday (26/6). The dog was positive for rabies after examination. Head of the Agriculture and Livestock Service Office of Buleleng, Nyoman Swatantra, said stray/feral dog culling and vaccination has been conducted in Munduk village. People are also prohibited from transporting dogs in to or out of the village. “We have isolated the area to prevent more incidents from happening,” he said on Monday (30/6). Meanwhile, Head of the Health Office of Buleleng, dr. IGN Mahapramana said the victim has been given post-exposure treatment. They are currently monitoring the child’s health.

Source: (mudiarta/balipost)

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Rabid Dog Bites Child in Buleleng

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