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Avian inlfuenza H7N9 type

Chickens Dead Case were Expanding in Lampung

Saturday, 15 February 2014

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDAR LAMPUNG-After the chicken died suddenly in Sidomulyo and Waypanji, South Lampung, now the disease spreading to Bandar Lampung city. Chikens resident who reintroduced sudden death and foaming.

The residents in Kemiling, Bandar Lampung, complained of chickens died one by one with lying in the street. In fact, according to Surnata, Beringin Jaya residents, the chicken was always given the vaccine and sprayed the cage. “My chicken died everyday with lying on the road, whereas there were sick directly slaughtering,” He said who had five years in poultry farm.

He said three chickens died on the same day, only difference one to two hours. The body condition of chicken were blue color, foaming and yellow liquid excretion, and death of a flounder. “Directly grave” he said.

Suspected avian influenza case (avian influenza virus) always spreading in South Lampung. Previously, only two districts, Sidomulyo and Waypanji current additional one district again, Palas Pasemah. In Palas Pasemah village, the chicken had a resident suddenly died and in large quantities. In fact, the day before the chicken in healthy condition.

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Chickens Dead Case were Expanding in Lampung

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