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Avian Influenza Causes Culling Of 242 Birds In Denpasar

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Denpasar – Avian influenza incidence in Bali is continuing to spread. After 2 days ago a 8 year old child from Bangli died from the disease, on Thursday (26/4/2012) a total of 242 birds from Satria Bird Market, Denpasar, were culled by Bali Provincial Livestock and Animal Health Services because of avian influenza.

“Limited culling was done after officers in charge of spraying disinfectant found 2 dead chickens in the market. After we tested, the chickens were positive for avian influenza,” said Head of the Livestock and Animal Health Service Office of Bali Province, I Putu Sumantra, after the culling.

The case started when 3 chickens were found suddenly dead in Samping Buni banjar, Pemecutan Klod, Denpasar, on Monday (23/4/2012). Rapid tests confirmed the chickens were avian influenza positive.

Wiranata, owner of the chickens, informed officers that he bought the chickens from Satria market on Sunday (22/4/2012). Officers then implemented H5N1 control measure, which is spraying disinfectant, in Satria Bird Market.

During the spraying activity, the Livestock and Animal Health Services team found 2 dead roosters. Avian influenza testing confirmed the birds were positive. Officers immediately took the policy to cull 242 birds found around the location of the dead chickens, comprising of 231 chickens and 11 duck.

Indemnity to vendors who had their birds culled will be provided by the Livestock Service Office of Denpasar city. (Muhammad Hasanudin | I Made Asdhiana)

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Avian Influenza Causes Culling Of 242 Birds In Denpasar

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