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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Rabies Kills Five People In Manado

Monday, 2 April 2012

Manado – Five people in Manado, North Sulawesi, have died from rabies infection between January to March 2012, said Head of Manado Agriculture and Livestock Service Office Ricky Poli.

“The patients, who contracted rabies after being bitten by rabid dogs, came from Tikala, Mapanget, and Wanea subdistricts,” he said in Manado on Monday.

Poli said patients did not immediately seek medical attention and receive post-exposure treatment to prevent the deadly virus from damaging the central nervous system.

”They came when it was too late. Nothing could be done even though we tried our best. In the end they all died,” said Poli.

He advised all dog owners in Manado to stay vigilant and take immediate action if they are bitten by their dogs.

Poli reminded that once the disease has developed, it is incurable. Therefore the utmost care must be taken after you are bitten by a dog to prevent the disease from developing.

”Don’t wait until you develop the disease symptoms, once you are bitten you must immediately come to the Community Health Center and ask for post-exposure treatment,” he said.

Poli added that from January from March 2012 the Agriculture and Livestock Service Office has recorded 126 dog bite cases in Manado, from which 80 are rabies positive and resulted in 5 human fatalities. (T.KR-JHB/A034 | Editor: Priyambodo RH)

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Rabies Kills Five People In Manado

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