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70 Ekor Ayam Diserang Avian Influenza

Avian Influenza Outbreak In Jembrana

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Jembrana, Bali – Dead chickens were discovered in several areas in Jembrana district. Rapid tests confirmed the birds died from Avian Influenza.

Dead chickens were found in 3 villages in 2 subdistricts: Mendoyo Dauh Tukad village and Penyaringan village in Mendoyo subdistrict, and Pangyangan village in Pekutatan subdistricts.

Head of the Health Service Office of Jembara, dr Putu Suasta, MKes confirmed the incident. He said 2 of 6 chickens that died in Mendoyo Dauh Tukad village were positive on rapid test.

From the human health side, Suasta said, the office is monitoring the condition of people who had close contact with dead chickens for 10 days. The incubation period for Avian Influenza infection in human is 1 week.

“Therefore we are monitoring for 10 days. We also asked the people to be more vigilant,” he said.

Meanwhile Head of the Agriculture, Plantation, and Livestock Service Office of Jembrana, I Ketut Wiratma, said investigation found the dead birds came from outside the area. “The chickens were bought for ceremonial purposes,” he said.

To prevent the disease from spreading, said Wiratma, the office is implementing control measures such as culling infected birds and other birds within the vicinity.

Both Suasta and Wiratma note that people are still unwilling to give up their birds for culing. “Unfortunately, culling or depopulation is the only way to control or stop the spread of the virus,” said Suasta. (Ella Syafputri)

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Avian Influenza Outbreak In Jembrana

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