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12 Year Old Child in Bali Died from Avian Influenza

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Denpasar – Avian influenza is still an ongoing threat. A child, WM (12 years old), died from H5N1 infection. WM lives in Badung, Bali, and is the fifth AI mortality in Bali since 1997.

Information acquired from Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar reveals the patient was treated in Surya Husada Hospital since 5 days ago. But because the patient’s condition continued to deteriorate, on Tuesday (21/2/2012) morning, WM was referred to Sanglah General Hospital.

Unfortunately even after receiving treatment in the special isolation room of Nusa Indah, the patient could not be saved.

“The patient’s body has now been taken home per request of the family,” said dr. I Gede Ken Wirasandi, Head of Special Care Section of Sanglah General Hospital, on Tuesday (21/2/2012).

Even though the family rebuked the notion that the patient suffered from H5N1, medical examination by the medical team in Sanglah General Hospital confirmed WM was positive for Avian Influenza. “PCR testing confirmed the patient is positive,” said Wirasandi.

The death of this patient is the fifth human mortality caused by Avian Influenza in Bali. To prevent yourself from being infected by this virus, it is advised to always maintain your health and cleanliness and cook you food thoroughly because the AI virus will die from exposure to high heat.

The symptom exhibited by the patient is long-lasting difficult breathing accompanied by unresolved high fever. Anybody with such symptoms should immediately go to the doctor to receive medical treatment. (Gede Suardana/nvc)

Source: detikNews

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12 Year Old Child in Bali Died from Avian Influenza

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