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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

253 Pigs Died from Hog Cholera in Ende

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ende – The district government of East Flores, East Nusa Tenggara province, is low on vaccines against hog cholera. Currently it is much needed because at least 253 pigs in East Flores have died from this disease.

The Agriculture and Livestock Service Office of East Flores have submitted specimens to Denpasar Disease Investigation Center, and the hundreds of pigs that have died were confirmed positive for hog cholera.

“To prevent further spread we have vaccinated pigs, particularly in the affected area of Adonara Island, and also other areas with high pig populations. Unfortunately vaccination coverage is limited by the available stock of only 2000 doses from last year (2010) and an additional 1000 doses from the province,” said Head of the Agriculture and Livestock Service Office of East Flores, Antonius Wukak Sogen, on Sunday (23/10/2011) in East Flores.

This condition is hazardous for the remaining 89,700 pigs spread throughout mainland East Flores, Adonara Island, and Solor Island. From a social economy aspect, the people in Flores, including East Flores, mainly have pigs as livestock. This animal is raised for social events or sold to support the family’s economy. With many of the pigs dying, people are troubled, particularly because most of the pigs that died are adults which could worth more than Rp 4 million per animal. (Samuel Oktora | Marcus Suprihadi)

Source : Kompas

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253 Pigs Died from Hog Cholera in Ende

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