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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Avian Influenza Outbreak in South Sulawesi

Monday, 3 October 2011

Masamba – Avian influenza has killed hundreds of chickens owned by citizens living in a number of subdistricts in North Luwu district, South Sulawesi. Even so, the district government has yet declared the incident as an outbreak.

The District Government of North Luwu through the local Agriculture and Livestock Service Office has just socialized the issue and sprayed disinfectant to prevent the disease from reaching layer farms. Currently, only native chickens have been affected. “We have officers from the Agriculture and Livestock Service Office on the field spraying disinfectant in high risk areas to prevent further spread of the virus,” said Vice Bupati (District leader), Indah Putri Indriani, yesterday.

Hundreds of native chickens owned by citizens were found suddenly dead. Laboratory testing in Makassar confirmed the chickens died from avian influenza (H5N1). In Lapapa village, Masamba subdistrict, 270 native chickens were found suddenly dead. Still in Masamba subdistrict, particularly in Kasimbong administrative village, 75 chickens died.

At almost the same time, 350 chickens were found suddenly dead in Tolada village, Malangke subdistrict. In Mappedeceng village, Mappedeceng subdistrict, another 255 chickens had suddenly died. “Testing of chickens from Lapapa Village by the laboratory in Makassar confirmed the samples positive for Avian Influenza,” said North Luwu Animal Health Post Officer, Wirawati, DVM, yesterday.

Despite the turn of events, Wirawati asked the public to not panic, only stay vigilant and report to officers if their chickens suddenly died. In 2007, Avian Influenza occurred in North Luwu and 6 other districts in South Sulawesi. The District Government of North Luwu has informed all subdistrict to be on the look-out for cases of sudden poultry death and immediately report it to corresponding officer for further action. (Abdul Aziz)

Source : Seputar Indonesia

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Avian Influenza Outbreak in South Sulawesi

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