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Monday, 10 August 2020

Avian Influenza in South Sulawesi Spreading

Friday, 8 July 2011

Pinrang – The avian influenza outbreak affecting egg production centers in Sidrap district, South Sulawesi, since last week has now spread to Pinrang district.

Two areas, Karangan in Mattirobulu subdistrict and Leppangan in Patampanua subdistrict, has been hit by avian influenza. It is suspected the disease is a continuation of AI outbreak that was first found in Tanete village, Maritenggae subdistrict, Sidrap district.

“Actually, we have conducted spraying since last week. But the fast spread of the virus has breached two subdistricts in Pinrang,” said Head of the Livestock and Agriculture Division of the Agriculture and Livestock Service Office of Pinrang, Muhammad Ilyas, on Thursday (7/7/2011) afternoon.

Despite the still low number of chickens dying from avian influenza in Pinrang, when compared to Sidrap, Muhammad Ilyas said that anticipative measures have been installed to the max. They have formed an avian influenza prevention taskforce. In retrospect, Pinrang farmers once suffered great losses due to avian influenza in September 2010.

“So far there are only around a hundred birds dying and testing positive for the virus. But we have conducted spraying to contain the virus and prevent it from spreading to other subdistricts,” he said.

The only problem is preventing the virus from entering Pinrang district. So far, animal movement into the district has not been maximally anticipated. Pinrang is directly bordered with Parepare city and Sidrap district, which both are infected with the virus. “For early vigilance, we advice people to restrain from buying animals outside of Pinrang district until the avian influenza case in Ajatappareng is truly resolved,” he said. (K24-11|Glori K. Wadrianto)

Source : Kompas

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Avian Influenza in South Sulawesi Spreading

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