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Saturday, 26 September 2020

East and Central Java have Most Livestock in Indonesia

Friday, 1 July 2011

Semarang – Quick analysis by the Central Statistics Bureau (BPS) reveals that East Java has the largest population of cattle and water buffaloes in Indonesia, followed by Central Java.

“Quick analysis of the cattle and water buffalo census finds 2.14 million animals in Central Java, or second to East Java which has 4.73 million animals,” said Director of Livestock, Fishery, and Forestry Statistics of the BPS, Nyoto Widodo, in Semarang on Friday (1/7).

In detail, Central Java has 1.92 million beef cattle, 150 thousand dairy cows, and 75 thousand water buffaloes, totaling to 2.14 million animals. East Java has 4.50 million beef cattle, 278 thousand dairy cows, and 30 thousand water buffaloes, totaling to 4.73 million animals. At national level, Indonesia has 14.29 million beef cattle, 570 thousand dairy cows, and 1.26 million water buffaloes; totaling to 16.12 million animals.

“The quick analysis result is similar to the 2010 registration data from the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health, which recorded 16.14 million animals,” Nyoto said.

Despite being so, the quick analysis is not final and official census results will only be published in the end of July 2011.

“Complete census analysis, such as age and gender will be published by November 2011,” said Nyoto.
In the same event, Head of Central Java BPS, Lukito Praptoprijoko, revealed three cattle and water buffalo production centers in Central Java, which are Grobogan, Blora, and Boyolali subdistricts. (Ant/Ol-3)

Source : Media Indonesia

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East and Central Java have Most Livestock in Indonesia

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