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Balinese Cattle to be Inseminated with Wild Javanese Buffalo

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Pasuruan – Indonesia Safari Park II Prigen (TSI II Prigen) in East Java is initiating a program to improve the genetics of Balinese cattle through artificial insemination using sperm from Wild Javanese Buffalos. The crossbreeding is expected to result in animals that could withstand any type of weather and feed, but produce good quality meat.

The artificial insemination program (AI) was initiated by TSI II Prigen with the Livestock Service Office of East Java Province by acquiring 5 Balinese cows and a wild Javanese bull on April 2010. The program assesses that since Balinese cattle and wild Javanese buffaloes are still related, the AI program is expected to succeed.

“Because Balinese cattle themselves are actually a result of Javanese buffalo domestication, we hope to produce cattle with good survivability and meat quality,” said Micheal Sumampau, Tuesday (28/6/2011).

To facilitate the AI process, the park has prepared one buffalo pen unit and a monitoring team assisted by an artificial insemination expert from Singosari. The pen will be equipped with a gang way for semen collection.
“Results of the AI will be recorded for further breeding reference, including the birth weight of the calves,” he said.

In response to critics that the AI program will ruin certain animal species or create a new species, the park states it will not name animals produced from the program. “Because, until now we have not thought of naming the animals produced,” said Ivan Chandra, Animal General Manager of TSI II Prigen.

If the AI program succeeds, the calves produced will be further developed by the Livestock Service Office of East Java and TSI II Prigen. (K19-11|Tri Wahono)

Source : Kompas

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Balinese Cattle to be Inseminated with Wild Javanese Buffalo

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