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1,881 Chickens Dead, 7 District/Municipalities on Alert

Monday, 21 March 2011

Bengkulu – Seven of 10 districts and municipalities in Bengkulu Province are on avian influenza alert after the death of 1,881 native chickens from H5N1 avian influenza virus infection in the region.

“Seven districts and municipalities have declared alert because the disease is already endemic in Bengkulu and we should prevent it from infecting humans,” said Coordinator of the Local Disease Control Center (LDCC) at the Livestock and Animal Health Service Office of Bengkulu Province, Emran Kuswadi, on Monday (21/3/2011). He said the birds were confirmed positive on rapid antigen tests.

The seven districts and municipalities are Bengkulu city, Seluma district, Lebong district, Bengkulu Tengah district, Kepahiang district, Kaur district, and Rejang Lebong district.

“Even though there has been no report of avian influenza positive birds in the other 3 districts, which are Muko Muko, Bengkulu Utara, and Bengkulu Selatan, but sudden death has been reported in hundreds of birds,” Emran said.
In Muko Muko and Bengkulu Utara sudden death has been reported in hundreds of native chickens, but testing was unavailable because the carcasses have been destroyed.

Emran said there is no prohibition in native chicken distributio from and to Bengkulu Province because the virus has already affected over 2,000 birds in the region.

“What we need to do is spray the pens of H5N1 positive birds to prevent further spread of the virus. Pens still housing live birds are instructed to be sprayed with disinfectant or soap fluids or detergent,” Emran said.
Up to date, most avian influenza cases are found in Seluma district, with 1,175 native chickens dead from the virus.

Cases in other districts/municipalities include 242 birds in Bengkulu city, 192 birds in Rejang Lebong district, 70 birds in Kaur district, 68 birds in Lebong district, 67 birds in Kepahiang district, and 60 birds in Bengkulu Tengah district.

“We ask citizens to immediately report to field officers if there is any case of sudden poultry death, so it could be tested and quickly mitigated,” Emran said.
(ANT | Ed: Benny N Joewono)

Source : Kompas

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1,881 Chickens Dead, 7 District/Municipalities on Alert

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