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Leptospirosis Outbreak in Kulon Progo

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Kulon Progo – Leptospirosis, a disease caused by the bacteria Leptospira sp, is causing an outbreak in Kulon Progo district in Yogyakarta. The local health service office is in the process of declaring the outbreak status.

“We are waiting for the regent’s decree as a foundation to declare leptospirosis outbreak,” said Head of the Disease Observation and Immunization Section of the Health Service Office of Kulon Progo district, Th Baning Rahayujati on Monday (14/3).

The Health Service Office of Kulon Progo district records 66 cases of leptospirosis with 6 fatalities between January and mid March 2011. In 2010 there were only 55 cases with 8 fatalities.

This year most of the cases occurred in four subdistricts: 12 cases in Nanggulan, 12 cases in Sentolo, 10 cases in Samigaluh, and 10 cases in Kokap. Most of the patients are agriculture farmers and livestock producers.

Baning said that in response the service office has socialized about leptospirosis management and prevention in a number of villages. The office is also conducting an epidemiological investigation.
To pinpoint the source of infection, the health service office is conducting a collaborative research with three other institutions, which are the Environmental Health and Communicable Disease Eradication Technical Center, Banjarnegara Zoonoses Control Development and Research Center, and Salatiga Reservoir and Vector Research Center.

“The research is still ongoing, the result is still unknown. We suspect the disease is in mice urine,” Baning said.

Head of Nanggulan subdistrict Community Health Center (Puskesmas) Sajarwadi said there were 5 cases of leptospirosis in 2010, with 2 fatalities. From January to mid March 2011 there have been 12 cases of leptospirosis with 1 fatality.

“Those affected by the disease didn’t have a history of any underlying disease. Most suffered from kidney and liver failure,” Sajarwadi said.

Head of the Health Service Office of Yogyakarta province, Sarminto, said leptospirosis is common in Yogyakarta, particularly in Bantul, Kulon Progo, Gunung Kidul, and Sleman districts. In Yogyakarta there have been 106 cases of leptospirosis with 13 fatalities from January to mid March 2011. (HEN)

Source : Kompas

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Leptospirosis Outbreak in Kulon Progo

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