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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Hundreds of Birds in Bengkulu Infected by Avian Influenza

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bengkulu – About 680 birds owned by citizens in Bengkulu died from H5N1 avian influenza.
Coordinator of the Local Disease Control Center (LDCC) from the Livestock and Animal Health Service Office of Bengkulu province, Emran Kuswadi, said the hundreds of birds were avian influenza positive and had to be destroyed. “In collaboration with the local people, we have destroyed hundreds of poultry, which were mostly native chickens, by burning them,” he said on Monday (14/3).

The cases were found in six district/municipalities: Bengkulu city, Kepahiang district, Bengkulu Tengah district, Rejang Lebong district, Kaur district, and Bengkulu Selatan district.

To prevent possible disease transmission to humans, the service office, starting Monday (14/3), is spraying a number of traditional markets with disinfectant.

Emran said that spraying chicken stalls in traditional markets with disinfectant is a way to prevent avian influenza from spreading to other birds or human. “Besides poultry houses, market areas are also vulnerable because chickens in markets are brought in from various sources,” he said.

Emran explained that besides spraying markets, the LDCC is also spraying and destroying animals in places where there is sudden chicken death. Most was found in Bengkulu city, where over 40 birds were found avian influenza positive in the last week.

Until now, only Muko Muko, Seluma, Bengkulu Utara, and Lebong districts have not reported any avian influenza incident in poultry. “But that does not mean the area is free, we still advice citizens to immediately report if they find any case of sudden poultry death,” Emran said. (Ant/OL-2)

Source : Media Indonesia

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Hundreds of Birds in Bengkulu Infected by Avian Influenza

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