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Cattle Paralysis in 3 Subdistricts in Gunungkidul

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Gunungkidul – Cattle farmers in 3 subdistricts (Karangmojo, Nglipar and Wonosari) are under distress because many of their cattle were suddenly paralyzed at the same time.

Surahman (38) a citizen of Karangmojo 1 said that in the last few weeks many of his cattle were suddenly paralyzed, forcing him to sell them at a low price.

“Not just in Karangmojo 1, cattle in Karangmojo 2 and 3 are also suffering from sudden paralysis,” said Surahman on Saturday (12/03/2011) afternoon.

Citizens have called the local vet to treat the animals, but even after given injections, there was no positive reaction. The condition of the animals even worsened.

“We hope the local service office will take matters into their hands, because if nothing is done, we are worried that the animals will die,” said Surahman.

The same case happened to cattle owned by Bayu (31), citizen of Baleharjo village, Wonosari subdistrict. In this last week, 5 of his cattle suddenly suffered paralysis and were immediately sold at low price.

“I had to sell it, for Rp 1.5 million, instead of not gaining anything at all later,” said Bayu.
Head of the Animal Health Division of the Livestock Service Office of Gunungkidul district, Krisna Berlian, confirmed the incident. The case often happens in Gunungkidul. In his records, paralysis also occurred to many cattle in Nglipar subdistrict in 2010.

“We shouldn’t be too overly concerned, paralysis could most likely occur as a result of malnutrition and also poor housing sanitation,” said Krisna.

The weather also greatly affects the health of the animals. Meanwhile, regarding the simultaneous paralysis found in cattle, he says it is only a coincident. Owners are advised to not worry and panic by selling their animals at a cheap price.

“Just give the animals Ultra Mineral, I am sure affected animals will recover,” he said. (K4-11 | Ed: Hertanto Soebijoto)

Source : Kompas

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Cattle Paralysis in 3 Subdistricts in Gunungkidul

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