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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Avian Influenza on the Rise, Farmers must be Ready

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Gresik – Avian influenza attacking poultry in Bojonegoro and Gresik are sporadic occurrences. Farmers are reminded to routinely clean and disinfect their poultry houses to prevent the disease. Infected birds must be destroyed by burning and burying it.

Head of the Livestock Service Office of Gresik district, Susanto, on Thursday (24/2/2011) said avian influenza could be prevented by vaccination. They are also educating farmers to routinely sanitize the poultry houses.

No AI cases have been reported in February in Gresik. “The last case was in the last week of January in 6,000 broiler chickens in Benjeng, which is about 2.4 percent of the total population,” he said.

Chicken farmers in Gresik are found in Benjeng, Cerme, Menganti, and Sedayu. The current chicken population in Gresik is 3.3 million birds, comprising of 130,000 layer chickens, 2.5 million broiler chickens, and 640,000 native chickens.

Head of Livestock Service Office of Bojonegoro district, Tukiwan Yusa, on Thursday (24/2/2011) said that to anticipate possible avian influenza occurrences they have formed a task force to monitor conditions in the field. “This team will be on the look out for indications of avian influenza for early response. Animal movement, particularly on the borders, will also be monitored,” said Tukiwan. (Adi Sucipto | Ed. Glori K. Wadrianto)

Source : Kompas

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Avian Influenza on the Rise, Farmers must be Ready

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