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639 Chickens Dead from Avian Influenza in Garut

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Garut – The Livestock, Fishery, and Marine Service Office of Garut district, West Java, recorded a total of 639 chicken dead from avian influenza H5N1 outbreak in villages in Banyuresmi subdistrict.

Head of the Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health Division of the office, Dida Kardiana, said on Thursday (24/2/2011) that the figure was a compilation since 12 January 2011.

“Some the chickens were already dead and others were handed over by citizens to be destroyed, as part of the effort to break the chain of disease transmission,” said Dida. The birds were from several villages, in detail 31 birds were from Sukaratu village, 162 birds from Sukasari village, and 446 birds were from Banyuresmi village.

Most of the birds destroyed were already dead when found, while only less than 20 live chickens were depopulated. Many citizens of Banyuresmi village, Dida said, are still keeping poultry, especially chickens, and are not willing to depopulate their birds because the do not believe the disease will spread.

“Many people still have chickens in their backyards, they refuse to hand over their chickens for depopulation,” said Dida. Dida is worried that the virus infection would jump to humans, in particular poultry owners and people living near poultry houses.

Citizens are holding on to their birds because they do not agree with the compensation offered by the government, which is only Rp 12,500 per bird, small or large.

“We haven’t managed to depopulate all poultry in Banyuresmi village, but we are still trying to persuade people to depopulate their chickens,” said Dida. (ANT | Ed. Benny N Joewono)

Source : Kompas

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639 Chickens Dead from Avian Influenza in Garut

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