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Three More Rabies Victims in Bali

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Denpasar — Rabies is still claiming lives in Bali. In the last 3 days, 3 suspected rabies patients treated in Nusa Indah isolation room in Sanglah General Hospital, Denspasar, have died. The first patient was I Dewen (22), a Bangli citizen, who died on Sunday (20/2/2011) and Wayan Laut (66), a Nusa Penida citizen, and Ketut Karnu (62), a Karangasem citizen, who both died on Tuesday (22/2/2011).

The last victim (Ketut Karnu) could only survive for 3 hours after submitted to the hospital on Tuesday. During examination, the patient, who was from Banyuning banjar, in Bunutan village, Abang subdistrict, Karangasem, exhibited clinical symptoms of rabies. “The patient was referred from Karangasem Regional Hospital with anxiety, difficulty in swallowing, and insomnia,” said Secretary of the Rabies Mitigation Team in Sanglah General Hospital, dr. IGB Ken Wirasandi, on Wednesday (23/2/2011) afternoon.

“The patient suffered from agitation, hypersalivation, hydrophobia, and aerophobia,” he said. The medical team has collected saliva and tear samples to be submitted to the laboratory, to confirm the presence of rabies viruses in the victim. Historical information reveals that the victim was bitten by his pet dog around 6 months ago. A day after the incident, the dog was killed. Unfortunately the wound, which was on the back of his left hand, was not treated according to rabies prevention procedures.”

“The wound was cleaned by himself and there was not history of receiving VAR (antirabies vaccine),” said Ken Wirasandhi.

Since rabies struck Bali in the end of 2008, 124 people have died from the disease. Many efforts, such as elimination of feral dogs and vaccination of owned dogs, have been tried by the regional government in collaboration with a number of non-government organizations, but the disease is still hard to control. (Muhammad Hasanudin | Ed. I Made Asdhiana)

Source : Kompas

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Three More Rabies Victims in Bali

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