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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Avian Influenza in Solo

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Solo — Eight of 11 chickens owned by citizens of RT 01 RW 03 Kerten administrative village, Laweyan subdistrict, Surakarta city suddenly died on Monday (21/2/2011) and was confirmed positive for avian influenza.

“Test results of cloacal swab samples from dead chickens were positive for avian influenza. The carcasses were immediately destroyed along with three other chickens that were still alive,” said Head of the Agriculture Service Office of Surakarta city, Weny Ekayanti, in Solo on Wednesday (23/2/2011).

On Monday morning, the office received a report from citizens that their chickens were suddenly dying off that day.

“We immediately dispatched a Participatory Disease Surveillance and Response (PDSR) team to collect samples and sterilize the environment. So there is no need to panic because preventive measures have been implemented,” she said.

Sterilization was conducted by spraying disinfectant to poultry houses and the surrounding area.
For this case, the Agriculture Service Office has coordinated with the Health Service Office through the local community health center (puskesmas) to check on the health condition of chicken owners and their family. “Chicken owners and their family have been tested and results were negative. So there is no transmission to humans,” she said.

Weny asked poultry owners to look out for disease symptoms in their animals. Moreover since now the season is changing, animals are becoming more susceptible to disease because their immunity is dropping.

Weny said they are also increasing the intensity of avian influenza monitoring with the discovery of a case in Klaten recently. Regardless of this incident, the office has scheduled routine monitoring. (ANT | Ed. Benny N Joewono)

Source : Kompas

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Avian Influenza in Solo

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