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Celebration of World Veterinary Day 2008

Friday, 25 April 2008

On every last Saturday of April, countries around the world celebrate the world veterinary day. This day is dedicated to honor the many roles of veterinarians in maintaining animal health, guarding the safety of animal products, and protecting the world from zoonoses.

The world veterinary day was first initiated by the World Veterinary Association (WVA). This year, the world veterinary day was celebrated on April 26th, 2008.

In Jakarta, located at Bundaran Hotel Indonesia and Patung Kuda, around 120 people consisting of veterinarians and veterinary students held a sympathy act in the form of handing out informative items (leaflets, bookmarks), animal origami, and roses to people passing by. Also there was a theatrical act telling about the role of veterinarians to the public. The sympathy act focused on issues concerning safety of food from animal origin, the threat of zoonoses, and the need for a more specific body and legislation to regulate the veterinary authority. The theme for this year was “With Veterinarians We Achieve Healthy Animals, Healthy Food, and Healthy and Welfare Humans”. The act was collaboration between the Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association (PDHI), Center for Indonesian Veterinary Analytical Studies (CIVAS), Indonesian Veterinary Student Association (IMAKAHI), and the Veterinary Student Body of Bogor Agricultural University (KM FKH IPB). The sympathy act was closed with press release. In the press release, veterinarians encourage Indonesians to work together to:

  1. Improve the health and welfare of animals.
  2. Improve the safety of food from animal origin such as milk, eggs, and meat.
  3. Support the food security program in increasing public consumption of good quality animal proteins, particularly for children, to achieve the creation of a healthy and smart nation.
  4. Support the management of zoonoses.
  5. Support the establishment of a body and legislation that regulates and guarantees the veterinary authority.

Besides Jakarta, the world veterinary day was also celebrated in Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

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Celebration of World Veterinary Day 2008

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