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Government Aware of the Bird Flu Virus

JAKARTA. Alert against bird flu sounded again. This is because hundreds thousands of ducks in the central ducks livestock in Java died from the bird flu virus, the government began to prepare control measures.

Ministry of Health and veterinary experts in the eight laboratory is analyzing the possibility of bird flu virus spread to poultry other than ducks. Virus that attacks at least 350,000 ducks in the last month in West Java, Central Java, East Java and Yogyakarta is relatively new in Indonesia namely clade 2.3.2.

Bird flu attack this time was most violent than before. Moreover, cases of large numbers death in ducks just once happens.


National Seminar: Learning from Bird Flu and Rabies: The need for Community Based Disease Control

pembicara seminar perlunya pengendalian penyakit berbasis masyarakatThe future of the veterinary services structure in Indonesia will become more and more imbalance if access to the basic veterinary practices in the villages and remote areas are still very limited. With the scarcity of budgetary support for government veterinary services since the beginning of the autonomy era in the 2000s coupled with service coverage difficulties by veterinarians down to the village level, it might not possible for the control programs of strategic animal infectious diseases to be successfully implemented.
The majority of the Indonesian animal population is present at the villages dispersed in all densely human populated islands. The village community with small scale animal ownership is not only considered animals as their household asset but also had socio-cultural values. Most of these livestock producers/owners had been isolated from political, communication, education and health services and worsened by low community awareness and difficulties in accessing primary animal health care.

Strengthening Poultry Diagnostic Laboratories in Java

Laboratory Diagnostic Training in Indonesia, Subang 26-30 November 2012The role of the laboratory in surveillance, early detection of the diseases, monitoring activities, investigation and diagnosis of animal diseases are essential in efforts to control animal disease and improving the animal health in Indonesia. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the knowledge and skills of laboratory technical personnel specifically in improving disease diagnostics and interpretation of laboratory results so that the role of the laboratory will be optimal.

Detection of Avian Influenza Virus in Poultry Collecting Facilities (PCFs) in DKI Jakarta

Sentinel Jakarta Surveilans 3

One study currently ongoing in CIVAS is a study on the Detection of Avian Influenza in Poultry Collecting Facilities (PCFs) in DKI Jakarta. The study is now entering its 5th month. It was designed based on previous studies in 2007 and 2008 where samples from 192 dead sentinel found 95.31% of the samples positive for H5 with rt-PCR tests. Also in the previous study, 32 of 38 (84.2%) PCFs studied were AI infected or in other words H5 AI viruses were found present in 84.2% PCFs studied.

Scientific Discussion on Swine Influenza

peserta diskusi ilmiah swine influenzaOn Saturday, May 16, 2009, Center for Indonesian Veterinary Analytical Studies (CIVAS), IPB branch of the Indonesian Veterinary Student Association (IMAKAHI), and Student Executive Body (BEM) of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bogor Agricultural University (FKH-IPB) held a Scientific Discussion on Swine Influenza at the campus of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bogor Agricultural University in Darmaga. The discussion was attended by almost 200 participants; most of the participants were veterinary students from the faculty. Speakers in the discussion were Dr. Drh. Surachmi Setiyaningsih, MS from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bogor Agricultural University and Dr. Drh. Darminto from the Research Institute for Veterinary Science (Bbalitvet) Bogor.

Workshop for Avian Influenza Surveillance Guidelines in Wild Birds

The National Workshop on Development of Strategies and Avian Influenza Surveillance Guidelines in Wild Birds was held on April 14 to 16, 2008, in Bogor. The workshop, which was sited in Hotel Salak the Heritage-Bogor, was collaboration between the National Committee for Avian Influenza Control and Pandemic Influenza Preparedness (KOMNAS FBPI) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and was also supported by several government and non-government organizations that are concerned and work in the field of wild bird surveillance such as the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia Institute of Science (LIPI), Wetlands International Indonesia Program (Wetlands IP), Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia Program (WCS IP), Indonesian Ornithologist Union (IdOU), Yayasan Kutilang Indonesia, and Center for Indonesian Veterinary Analytical Studies (CIVAS).


A. Bouma (1)*, A. Teguh Muljono (2), A. Jatikusumah (2), A.J. Nell (3), S. Mudjiartiningsih (4), I. Dharmayanti (5), E. Sawitri Siregar (6), I. Claassen (7), G. Koch (8) & J.A. Stegeman (9)

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